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About the company
About Fluce  Fluce is the UK's wholesale carnivorous plant grower, supplying major garden centres throughout the country and abroad.
The director has been in business since the 1980s and we have done much research developing very attractive and unusual hybrids and we still continue to do research on many of these species to be suitable to catch many unwanted pests. We have over 1,000 unnamed hybrids, many of which are very attractive and suitable for both indoors and out.
A select few of these varieties will be due for release in the near future. We have been publicised in many local newspapers and won many gold medals in different garden shows around the UK. Fluce hopes to provide nurseries and garden centres with something different for the coming years in order to protect our gardens from pesticides and chemicals and to protect our children, our pets and wild animals and to have a better environment.
If you are a retailer and wish to find out more information about our plants, please don't hesitate to contact us. (Wholesale enquiries only)  
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